8 Rules For Having An Affair

affair datingThere are many reasons why people cheat. It may be because some cannot stay monogamous, to stay in their marriage, and to transition out of their marriage. But, how can someone pull off having an affair? Well, basically, there are rules for having an affair and some of these include the following:

Keep Everything Simple

Making time for affairs is challenging, particularly if both of you are married with kids. Having a good memory is important. Always ground excuses in truth and reality. You have to give a skeletal accounting of where you’ve gone and with whom. If the details are fewer, it’s better. You should build excuses in your life like joining a fictitious book group.

Don’t Put Anything in Writing

One of the most important rules for having an affair is putting nothing in writing. You should not have love notes or any text messages. If you don’t want to end up having problems in the future, you must follow this rule.

If Possible, Stick with Cash Only

In an affair, cash rules. The last thing you’ll really need is paper trails. You can also try getting a new credit card using your office as your billing address. You can use this credit card for every expense associated with your affair. It can be useful sometimes and may come in handy in most cases.

Don’t Forget about Cellphones

For affairs, cellphones are considered as lifelines. You have to feel as if you can reach your lover anytime. If possible, you can get the same provider with your partner and take advantage of making codes when sending messages.

Consider Hiding in Plain Sight

You can introduce your affair as someone you work with. Tell everyone about how he or she as a colleague and enjoy freedom when going out for drinks after work. You can make everything open and obvious. In this way, you will hide in plain sight, which can be the best hiding place.

Always Check for Any Physical Evidence

When it comes to an affair, there is a simple rule that you should follow and that is to always check for any physical evidence. Check yourself in the mirror for kiss marks or anything that looks suspicious. If you want to succeed with your affair, give up lipstick and perfume.

Know Your Circle of Trust

Doormen, wait for staff, and bartenders are reliable because they are actually trained when it comes to cases like an affair. You can always go to your favorite restaurant with your lover and the next day with your husband. The toughest part is whether you must share the information that you’re cheating with friends. The golden rule is to say no because it’s dangerous. The more details floating out there, the more possibilities exist of getting caught. So, you should know your circle of trust wisely.

Pay Attention

Never close off your emotional life waiting for another to exercise options. Affairs may be a life lesson. You should examine your needs, guilt, and motivations. You have to question everything as well. An affair may serve as your mirror, so you have to pay attention always.