Lonely Wife Wants Affairs, Why?

housewife affair

There has always been this notion that only lonely husbands have affairs while wives will be faithful no matter what. But remember that both men and women have instincts, and these instincts are what drive them into doing the things they do. This means that a lonely wife will also be involved in an affair just like a lonely husband.

The million dollar question now is, why? Why do they want affairs?

Most of the time, women step out of their marriage because of one or several of the reasons below:

They are Lonely

Of course, the most obvious reason is that the wife feels lonely. There are also many reasons why a woman experiences loneliness even if she is married. Maybe her husband regularly goes on business trips or works longer hours. Maybe the man isn’t emotionally available. No matter what the cause is, women can feel loneliness creeping in and as a result, they try filling the void by seeking connection in the form of infidelity.

They Feel Ignored, Neglected, or Underappreciated

Women may also feel as if they are merely a financial provider, a nanny, or a housekeeper instead of a wife. This is why they look for something different that will give them validation for who they really are instead of the functions they perform.

Other People’s Needs Overwhelm Them

The latest studies about women who have affairs show that a lot of ladies, even those who deeply love their husband, their lives, their kids, their work, and their home still cheat. These women usually say that they feel overwhelmed and under-supported by having to be everything to everyone every time that they turn to extramarital sex as a way of fulfilling their empty lives.

They Yearn for Intimacy

Women have the tendency to feel connected and valued to their partner more through emotional and non-sexual interplay instead of sexual activity. This can be in the form of being thoughtful, having fun together, talking, having a social life together, building a home, and more. When they don’t feel this kind of connection from their husband, they may look for it somewhere else.

They Have a Lot of Expectations from Their Marriage

There are ladies who seem to have high expectations when it comes to what their marriage and husband should provide. They always expect that their spouse will meet all their needs 24/7/365 and once it doesn’t happen, they look for attention elsewhere.

They Don’t Feel Sexually Satisfied

There is this common misconception in the society that men are the only ones who enjoy sex. However, there are actually a lot of ladies who enjoy and love sex and if they don’t get it from their husband or they don’t find joy in it for any reason, they will crave for it somewhere different.

They Reenact or Respond to Early-Life Abuse and Trauma

Finally, there are instances when women who went through profound early life or even adult trauma, particularly sexual trauma, are going to reenact this as their way to control or master it.